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Consumer Goods Conveyors

Relying on conveyor systems

Clothing, food, jewellery, electrical items and many more consumer goods are making their way from the production line to retail stores and to our front doors, in their millions everyday. The likes of Amazon and Argos rely one hundred percent on the use of conveyors to shift items around to help them guarantee next day and even same day delivery.

Miles of complex, automated conveyor systems ensure that products are produced, packaged and shipped right to your door.

So what is the affect of one of these conveyors breaking down? The whole system can be interrupted which leads to customer complaints and dissatisfaction. However, it’s unlikely that we sit and ponder the inner workings of a factory or warehouse to imagine how these goods get to us, we just take it for granted that the delivery will arrive.

The Stead Conveyors team is expert in the design, manufacture and installation of a huge range of conveyors and can produce any type of machine that you can think of.

Conveyor systems to suit your needs

With vast experience, we are able to advise on which system will suit your needs and also design a conveyor to your own specification.

Swan Head Conveyor

The Swan Head conveyor in the video shown on this page can be used within any type of industry and is commonly used in consumer goods. It can cater for many needs, often used to connect different parts of the internal logistics systems, movings items through the sections of the production line, into packaging and shipping.

UK coverage

All of our work is completed in-house, from our specialist workshop in Hull. However our service can be provided throughout the whole of the UK. We work with a variety of retailers, factories and distribution centres to supply and also repair their conveyor systems.

Breakdown service

We know that if a component breaks down and the system stops, every second is costing the business money and we often take calls from factory staff who need us on-site ASAP.

No job is too big or too small and as we always say… “The answer is yes, now what is the question?”.

For more information about our conveyor design, build and repair service, please call us on 01482 236556.

Consumer Goods

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