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Armco perimeters

We are able to install Armco perimeters as a fencing solution when extra security against collisions is required. Made from heavy-duty steel that has been reinforced, Armco is able to provide high levels of strength ensuring that it can endure great impact. Also galvanised with a protective layer of zinc, this particular form of fencing is specially built to prevent rusting and increase safety levels in areas that are at risk of experiencing large collisions.

Used on the central reservation area of motorways, Armco fencing is usually corrugated and works as a protective crash barrier and so it is a great fencing option for anywhere that has heavy vehicle usage. 

Bespoke solutions

Our team of engineers at Stead Engineering are able to provide bespoke Armco solutions for a wide variety of buildings and projects including warehouses, service yards, docks, highways and anywhere else that may be at risk of experiencing high impact collisions. We can produce the fence in a variety of finishes and, as always, we will be able to advise on what features will best suit a client’s needs throughout the design process. 

For more information about our Armco fencing services, please call us on 01482 236556 or email [email protected].


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