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Food Industry Conveyors

Stead Conveyors for the food industry assist in every stage of food production, including the cleaning of raw food produce, transporting food products across factory premises, highlighting defects, separating, grading and packaging.

  • Conveyors to assist with every aspect of your production
  • Separating, grading and packaging
  • Compliance with Health and Safety Executive regulations

Stead Conveyors design, manufacture and install conveyors for the food industry and our specialist team has experience in supplying food grade conveyors which comply with all of the Health and Safety and food standards for the food industry.

Conveyor design

  • Managing your production lines
  • Handling multiple products

Conveyors for the food industry vary significantly in design depending on the type of food they handle. Our bespoke service means we can build specific systems to suit the needs of a variety of different food production lines, ranging from the meat industry to the handling of biscuits and confectionary.

Flighted belt conveyors

The conveyor shown in the video has a flighted belt. These types of conveyors are modular and able run alongside one another, collecting items from around the factory. The flights which stand up along the belt can be made in different sizes, depending on the portion size and type of food that is being transported. These are also manufactured specifically to be much easier to clean down.

Which conveyor system is right for you?

  • Advice on which system is best for your business
  • Building your perfect conveyor system

Stead’s engineers can advise which system and materials will best suit the needs of your business and can also work to plans supplied by customers if you already know exactly what is required.

We source and manufacture components including belts, motors, frames, cables, wheels and rollers, allowing us to build your perfect piece of machinery from scratch.

Ensuring that food moves safely through all stages of production

  • Pull, push, tow...

We can provide chutes for a smooth surface or drag/tow systems, using cables to pull objects along in either motor powered or manual devices – everything that is needed to ensure that food moves through all stages of production safely, securely and hygienically.

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