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Waste Recycling Conveyors

Landfill sites filling up

As landfill sites continue to overflow, the management of waste is becoming increasingly important in the modern world. At Stead Conveyors we pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions for waste recycling conveyors that contribute towards the reduction of waste in the UK.

Recycling conveyors are often complex specialist systems with multiple components that ensure for the most effective management of waste products. From household waste, to specific products such as wood or plastics, our specialist team is able to design and install custom conveyor belt systems that will suit the needs of any recycling plant.

Managing large amounts of waste

The conveyor shown in the video is a belt conveyor with a standard bed section and high side guards to enable large amounts of waste to travel around the internal logistics system within a waste recycling plant. The guards prevent waste spilling or blowing out over the top, to improve efficiency for the processing teams.

Enhancing efficiency

Aiming to make the recycling process as efficient as possible, our conveyor systems are bespoke and designed to enhance your company’s own procedures. Available to advise on every step of the design and installation process, our team will listen to the specific needs of your recycling plant in order to produce a system that will easily integrate into your premises.

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