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Creation and Design Service

Made-to-measure structural steelwork

Stead Engineering produce made-to-measure structural steelwork of all kinds, including staircases, platforms, walkways, mezzanine flooring and access platforms. We offer a complete steelwork solution designed with precision.

Our bespoke design service ensures your specific metal fabrication requirements are met, no matter what the project. Through consultations with our clients, we ensure that their brief is followed at all times, working collaboratively to produce the best results.

Whether a client has specific requests or just a vague idea of what they might want, our team of specialists is on hand to help every step of the way and will be able to offer guidance on what will work best for you and your project. Always respectful of a client’s brief, our team is also able make suitable design recommendations that may enhance original designs, often enlightening clients to useful and creative design features that might not have previously been considered. 

On time and within budget

During the design process, we always keep the budget in mind, and are able to offer fabrication solutions at a variety of different price points. Again, our specialist team is able to advise on how to cut down costs on a client’s project, as well as informing them on any details of a design where it would be better to invest more money. Whilst we always aim to keep fabrication costs to minimum, we also pride ourselves on the durability of our work, and with longevity in mind, we use best quality components and can source these at the best value for money. 

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