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Safety Barriers

Our fencing services do not simply protect your property; they can also help protect you, your employees and members of the public. At Stead Engineering, we think it is essential that we support out clients’ risk management strategy, and therefore we are able to install guardrails and fall barriers in order to keep people safe on your property.

Designed to keep the occurrence of accidents to a minimum, our safety and protection services are adaptable to the specific needs of your site and the requirements of your business. Every client and business is different and our team will always take this into consideration when designing your structure.

Eliminate risk of accidents

Guardrails and fall barriers are two of the most effective ways of eliminating the risk of accidents and we always provide an impeccable service, ensuring that people will always feel safe and well protected on your premises. Your safety is important to us and we always strive to create the most secure environment possible when working on a project. 

For more information about our safety, protection and fall barriers, please call us on 01482 236556 or email [email protected].


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