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Conveyor Servicing Contract

At Stead Conveyors we offer our clients a conveyor servicing contract with payment intervals for various situations to spread the cost of servicing your conveyor systems.

Conveyor servicing contract

  • Regular servicing
  • Reminder prior to visit
  • Full inspection and testing
  • Giving you a safe and healthy working environment

Regular servicing

Regular servicing is proven to prevent the breakdown of your conveyors as we can catch any potential issues before they happen.


We will remind you about your conveyor service on an agreed date, so you can plan for our visit. We also provide a maintenance manual to document the measures your business is taking to ensure machines are working to full capacity and to confirm safety checks have been carried out.

Inspection and testing

Your machines will be inspected, tested and maintained according to PUWER specifications (Provision of Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998).

Safe and healthy working environment

A safe and healthy working environment is important to any successful business and the smooth running of your conveyors can also:

  • Increase the life expectancy of your investment in machinery
  • Maintain reliability and efficiency
  • Prevent costly downtime due to failure
  • Reduce product wastage through faults and failure
  • Reduce your overheads

For further information on our service plans, please call us on 01482 236556.

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