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Conveyor rollers

At Stead Conveyors, as well as designing and manufacturing the entire conveyor system for your internal logistics processes, we can design and manufacture conveyor rollers as complete units of individual items, that are made to measure for your specific conveyor.

  • Supply of complete units or individual components
  • Made to measure for your conveyor systems

Any size order

  • Supply of one of hundreds of items
  • Able to meet short deadlines

We can produce any size of order from individual units to many hundreds if required. 

All of our conveyor rollers are made by our highly skilled and professional engineers who use the latest technology to guarantee top quality items, to suit your budget and to meet tight deadlines for dispatch when necessary.

Rollers of any type

  • Any type of business from food manufacturer to cargo

We fabricate stainless steel rollers for any type of factory site or manufacturer from food handling, parcel delivery, supermarkets, pharmaceutical, cargo and airports, etc.

Fit your specification

  • Any type of roller
  • Any size of roller
  • Individual parts fitting or replacement of entire system

Manufactured to your specification, we are able to produce (but not limited to) the following types of conveyor rollers: extra strength fixed angle troughing sets and return rollers, gravity rollers, disc return rollers, adjustable trough sets and returns, inter trough type idler sets and variable angle troughing sets and returns.

All of our conveyor rollers can be manufactured in any length and width, from either painted mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

So whether you just need part of the conveyor rollers to be fitted or, you require the entire system replacing, give Stead Engineering a call on 01482 236556.

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