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New Conveyors: Design, Manufacture & Install

Design, manufacture and install

Stead Conveyors design, manufacture and install conveyor systems from scratch, ensuring that all of our customers’ specific requirements are met.

  • Handle anything from food production to recycling plants
  • Advice on which conveyors best suit your needs
  • No project too big or small
  • Working from your current designs or we can prepare them for you
  • Fit into any space 

Able to design, manufacture and install conveyor systems that can handle anything from food production to materials in recycling plants, our team of highly skilled engineers are able to offer specialist design, manufacture and install advice as to which conveyor machines will best suit your needs. Many of our conveyor systems are suitable across a variety of sectors, so one to one advice is often invaluable when trying to decide on a system to invest in.

No conveyor project too big or small

Manufacturing and sourcing the components of Stead Conveyor systems individually, we have the freedom to design conveyor machinery with creativity and ingenuity; no conveyor project is too big or too small. Electric drives, belts, idlers, and pulleys are all sourced or manufactured individually, ensuring that our team has no restraints during the design and manufacturing processes.

This also means that we can produce any pre-designed conveyor systems provided by clients and fulfil specific requests without any trouble if required. Helping clients move their products with ease, we manufacture chutes for a smooth surface and drag or tow systems that use cables to pull objects along in either motor powered or manual devices.

Fit into any space

We can install all of our conveyor systems into any space, offering a service that is efficient and ensures the machinery operates at optimal performance. Our complete conveyor service will help you to move items around your premises with ease, with the entire process running as smoothly as our conveyors.

For more information about the design, manufacture and installation of our conveyor systems, please call us on 01482 236556 or email [email protected].


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