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Working in Steel and Aluminium

At Stead Engineering, we predominantly work with steel and aluminium in our metal fabrication processes. Working with the facilities, knowledge and experience in our workshop, our team of specialised engineers can facilitate the production of steel and aluminium structures to fulfil practically any brief.


With a much lower carbon content than cast and wrought iron, steel is an iron alloy that takes the already useful metal to the next level. Extremely strong, steel is one of the most versatile materials known to man, and it is used on all kinds of products, from the mundane and everyday, to the exciting and extravagant. From cutlery to jet engines, the sky is quite literally the limit with this material, and since our engineers have years of experience working with it, they are able to treat the metal in a variety of ways that will adapt the metal to suit your needs. For instance, to make an outdoor fence especially weather resistant, we are able to galvanise the material in order to give it a protective coating, making sure that your final fabrication lasts as long as possible.


As it is the most common metal found in the Earth’s crust, the planet’s abundance of aluminium makes it one of the most inexpensive fabrication materials to work with. Easy to combine with other metals, as well as being strong and lightweight, aluminium is one of the most popular metals to work with, second only to steel. Much like steel, it is used to produce just about everything, from the obvious things like tin cans, to the exceptional. At Stead Engineering, we always strive to produce to the exceptional, and to do this we use the metal alongside other complementary materials to produce a finished product that perfectly fulfils a client’s brief.

By working with steel and aluminium at Stead Engineering, we can always be certain that our fabrications will be strong, durable and able to pass the test of time.

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