With a marked skills shortage in the engineering sector, a study has revealed information that we hope will attract people into the industry when considering their career options.

Research conducted by The Institution of Engineering has revealed those who have chosen a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), earn more, get on the property ladder quicker and have more savings than those who pursed other subjects.

The report finds that financial security generated in the STEM sector translates into the property market with 73% of respondents owning a property compared to 52% on non-STEM contingent - potentially another hook for young people!

With so much bad news about UK workers lacking funds to cover themselves should they be out of work, again STEM workers are shown to be more financially responsible from a savings point of view, putting 10-20% of their annual salary to one side.

A very high proportion of respondents showed that they are working in their dream career and as the saying goes: ‘if you love what you do, you need never work a day in your life’.

The target is to engage an extra 203,000 people each year to meet demand in the sector, through the 2024 and so we are very pleased with the results of this survey and hope it will attract both young people and those who would like a change of career to consider engineering as an option. 

With so many different areas, engineering is enjoyable for anyone who likes to be creative, technical and solve problems and now this has shown it can create greater wealth.

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